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Tinwood Ventures

Tinwood Ventures has worked closely with the Gee’s Bend quiltmakers to help set up The Gee’s Bend Quilters Collective. In addition to assisting in the marketing of the Collective quilts, Tinwood Ventures is working with the Gee’s Bend community to establish the Gee’s Bend Foundation.

Tinwood Ventures seeks to preserve the creative integrity of the sources from which culturally meaningful art forms originate. Tinwood Ventures endeavors to give the artists it works with the attention, respect, and economic security they deserve, without altering the methods, styles, or themes of their artistic processes.

Tinwood Ventures seeks to develop alternative means of bringing vernacular art to current and emerging audiences in order to offer art the opportunities it deserves to thrive and to influence future generations. As a socially responsible business, Tinwood Ventures donates a substantial portion of its revenues to the communities from which the art work originates.

For information on Tinwood's Gee's Bend series book awards, please see the following:

Shelly Zegart

Shelly Zegart is a consultant and contributor to the book and museum exhibition, The Quilts of Gee’s Bend. She has acted as an advisor for the organization and operations of the Gee’s Bend Quilters Collective, working closely with the quiltmakers in the marketing of the Collective Quilts.

A member of the Appraisers Association of America for more than twenty years, Zegart has appraised quilts for insurance, charitable donation, business, and estate evaluation purposes. She has appraised quilts for a number of not-for-profit institutions and private collections across the country.

Shelly Zegart is a founder of the not-for-profit The Alliance for American Quilts and is the current President of the Board of Directors, coordinating the activities of its university and museum partners, She is the co-founder and driving force behind The Kentucky Quilt Project, 1981, the first state quilt documentation project, and has been a collector, curator, lecturer, and author on the subject of quilts for more than 25 years.

John Phillip Davis & Carmen Satre

As designer of this Web site, John enjoys careers in both fine art and graphic design. A full-time artist, John has regional representation in the mid-west and soon to be coast-to-coast.

A designer in her own right, Carmen Satre works as lead developer of this site. She aslo works alongside artist John Phillip Davis as his personal assistant.