The women of the Gee's Bend Quilters Collective all live in the area of Rehoboth and Boykin, Alabama.

Throughout much of the twentieth century, making quilts was considered a domestic responsibility for women in Gee's Bend. As young girls, many of the women trained or apprenticed in their craft with their mothers, female relatives, or friends; other quilters, however, have been virtually self-taught. Women with large families often made dozens upon dozens of quilts over the course of their lives.

The women consider the process of "piecing" the quilt "top" to be highly personal. In Gee’s Bend, the top—the side that faces up on the bed—is always pieced by a quilter working alone and reflects a singular artistic vision. The subsequent process of “quilting” the quilt—sewing together the completed top, the batting (stuffing), and the back—is sometimes then performed communally, among small groups of women.

Most of the quilters were featured in the book Gee's Bend: The Women And Their Quilts (Tinwood, 2002), where extensive biographical information can be found.

The quiltmakers respectfully request that the public address all inquiries to the Gee’s Bend Quilters Collective, not to the individual quiltmakers.

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Quiltmaker Mary Lee Bendolph. Quiltmaker Agatha Bennett. Quiltmaker Mary L. Bennett. Quiltmaker Sarah Benning.
Mary Lee Bendolph Agatha Bennett Mary L. Bennett Sarah Benning
Quiltmaker Willie Ann Benning. Quiltmaker Minnie Sue Coleman. Quiltmaker Gloria Hoppins. Quiltmaker Nazareth Major.
Willie Ann Benning Minnie Sue Coleman Gloria Hoppins Nazareth Major
Quiltmaker Helen McCloud. Quiltmaker Lucy Mingo. Quiltmaker Flora Moore. Quiltmaker Ruth Mosely.
Helen McCloud Lucy Mingo Flora Moore Ruth Mosely
Quiltmaker Addie Pearl Nicholson. Quiltmaker Mertlene Perkins. Quiltmaker Allie Pettway. Quiltmaker Annette Pettway.
Addie Pearl Nicholson Mertlene Perkins Allie Pettway Annette Pettway
Quiltmaker Arlonzia Pettway. Quiltmaker Belinda Pettway. Quiltmaker China Pettway. Quiltmaker Creola Pettway.
Arlonzia Pettway Belinda Pettway China Pettway Creola Pettway
Quiltmaker Essie Pettway. Quiltmaker Jessie T. Pettway. Quiltmaker Leola Pettway. Quiltmaker Linda Pettway.
Essie Pettway Jessie T. Pettway Leola Pettway Linda Pettway
Quiltmaker Lola Pettway. Quiltmaker Lorraine Pettway. Quiltmaker Lucy T. Pettway. Quiltmaker Luella Pettway.
Lola Pettway Lorraine Pettway Lucy T. Pettway Luella Pettway
Quiltmaker Malissia Pettway. Quiltmaker Mensie Lee Pettway. Quiltmaker Qunnie Pettway. Quiltmaker Rita Mae Pettway.
Malissia Pettway Mensie Lee Pettway Qunnie Pettway Rita Mae Pettway
Quiltmaker Bettie Bendolph Seltzer. Quiltmaker Sue Willie Seltzer. Quiltmaker Florine Smith. Quiltmaker Gearldine Westbrook.
Bettie Bendolph Seltzer Sue Willie Seltzer Florine Smith Gearldine Westbrook
Quiltmaker Irene Williams. Quiltmaker Nell Hall Williams. Quiltmaker Lucy Witherspoon Quiltmaker Nettie Young.
Irene Williams Nell Hall Williams Lucy Witherspoon Nettie Young